is a writing workshop founded by author and screenwriter Alan Watt that offers creative writing classes in which writers share the goal of having a consistent creative life and building a body of work. LA Writers Lab exists to facilitate the writer in developing a process that works, through accessing the unconscious in getting one’s story from his imagination to the page. Working in this way, the writer creates stories that are compelling, tranformative tales.

"The idea of bringing a first draft of a novel to fruition seemed too daunting and overwhelming to even consider until I was introduced to Al’s 90-Day Novel Class. His methodology is deep and precise, and helps unearth unconscious themes and characters in you that let the story almost tell itself."

Rebecca de Mornay (actress/writer)

I went $64,000 in debt for my MFA in fiction writing. I sit in this class and I wonder why. This is a great class!"

Frank B. Wilderson III

(WINNER of the 2008 American Book Award for his memoir Incognegro)

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The 90-Day Novel (in person)
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